Vege Threads

Another week, another great discovery! Vege Threads is an Australian Brand that will give your wardrobe the basics you need. Vege Threads products are all made in Australia in an ethical and socially responsible way. The 100% Australian AW16 collection highlights the identity of the brand as being sustainable, quality controlled, and designing with local figures to create a relaxed, organic and inclusive culture through their designs.

Take a step back in time with their earthy, unique, comfortable designs that pay an homage to the inner gypsy child in every one of us. Their products all shot amongst mother nature shows the inextricable link between nature and humans. The founder of “Vege Threads” has identified her brand ethos as being a collaborative, inclusive culture that cherishes and encourages a fashion forward approach concerned with conscious living.

Vege Threads not only carefully select where they source their fabrics and materials, they also choose the materials used for the environmental impact. Using fabrics that have a low impact on the environment such as hemp whose benefits include it being a long-lasting and durable fabric that is extremely UV resistant, organic cotton being cotton that is produced without chemicals, pesticides or herbicides eliminating the potential of harmful potentially carcinogenic chemicals into the environment, and modal a bacteria resistant natural fibre made from the beech trees wood pulp cellulose all contribute to their ethical and sustainable approach to clothing.

The dyes used by Vege Threads are either natural dyes or ACO certified. ACO certified dyes ensure that the water can be re-used without having any toxic waste polluted into the environment. The natural dyes ensure that not only is the environment being catered for and taken into consideration, they are supporting local Balinese people and their livelihood.

Vege Threads has a something for everyone. From womenswear to menswear,  yoga gear to swimwear there is a product for you. Make a change today, and know that the items that you are purchasing are really having a long-lasting impact on our environment. Be sure to get in quick, though, as each of their products/designs is run on a limited stock so as to reduce waste in another way.

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