Summer’s Coming, Wardrobe Spring Clean!

It’s coming up to my favourite time of the year; sun, surf and sand are all on our minds which means one thing-goodbye to those winter jackets, and hello to warm summer nights! During this time of the year, I typically change all of my bedding to lighter, more breathable fabric, say goodbye to heavy shaggy rugs and hello to a much more summer friendly jute rug, cushions change from thick textures in dark greys hues to light coastal shades, and of course flowers in every room. I was thinking, if go to this much trouble for the house and our furnishings, why am I not doing this for my clothing!?

This takes me to today’s blog-post. Over the past weekend I managed to remove every item of clothing I own in both the house that I currently live in, as well as doing a skype session with my mum to rid myself of those daggy home clothes that are reserved for the small rural town that I grew up in only.

So what were my findings!? Winter weight, isn’t just for the body alone. I had stacked it on in the clothing department!

I owned 12 pairs of jeans! 12- why I ever thought this was necessary, I do not know! I now have 4. Two black, one denim and one white. I had three of the exact same long-sleeve tops, couple this with all the other striped long sleeve tops I owned, I could be called the striped lady, it was ridiculous! After getting rid of those that had a hole in them, or looked a little worse for wear, I started to feel a little more neat and tidy. Jumpers were a whole other issue itself, but again I managed to pile a fair number into my “donation box” leaving less to be hung in my wardrobe. Once complining all of my winter gear together, I was able to put these clothes away in the bottom two drawers of my dresser, leaving the top four for the clothes that I would be frequently wearing in the warmer months.

My summer wardrobe, also need to have a bit of a cull before everything was placed away neat and tidy for the upcoming months. Owning 7 demin shorts seemed a little excessive, so again after trying some on, I decided to cull a few. T-shirts; the amount of the t-shirts and tops that I was pulling out of my wardrobe and not being able to remember the last time I wore it, or even thought about wearing it meant another serious cull was about to happen!

What I learnt from this little exercise is that I had far too much in excess as maybe clothes, as clothes that I once like 3 years ago, but would now never wear again! The shoes were another story entirely however, and they are still in the process of elimination!


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